Why Sponsor?

Why Sponsor?

At its core, the EPTC is about service. What kind of service? Service to those most in need here in Berks County.

Tennis is an awesome and rewarding pastime for most who actively follow the pro tour and participate in the sport. And therein lies the issue: it’s a hobby and nothing more. But what if that’s false? What if the sport could become a positive force for change

Direct sponsorship of Berk’s County’s only pro tennis tournament allows you and your company to participate directly in this evolution. By backing the EPTC, you’re backing underserved and deprived youth in the city of Reading. You’re giving them the attention and support they need to succeed in an environment that wants them to do everything but. Not only does your money help bring elite tennis to Berks County, but it also helps the kids. Get in on the action. Watch some great tennis, then help tennis help your hometown

 As a local outfit or business, there’s no better way to get your name on the map than backing the EPTC. Not only does your company receive signage on the court, but also gets the benefit of association with a cause that has drastically improved countless lives. One COR alumnus - Danny Trifoi - went on to win a INSERT STATS and now runs his own private engineering firm (insert title)

Tickets to the tournament also make a great gift for clients, coworkers, and employees. And it’s not your typical gift; it’s a gift that makes the recipient feel good because of what the ticket means

Providing support for the EPTC in terms of either sponsorship or direct financial commitment is a unique opportunity that provides a litany of benefits. The CR coverage brings in a heap of outside attention, which, coupled with the visible promotion of your company or business interest within the ETG court, induces new traffic or fresh eyes. In-person fans and spectators are also exposed to your business via on-court advertising and promotional banners. 

Commitment to this tournament also provides a favorable association with an internationally recognizable brand - Ellesse. Exposure is the name of the game in today’s marketing landscape, and there’s no better way to gain that than being in close proximity to a tennis apparel brand with an extremely rich heritage.


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